Clarkson Companies

"A Texas company providing nationwide service"


Now offering HughesNet satellite broadband

Clarkson Companies now offers HughesNet satellite solutions providing broadband internet anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky. When your home or office are located outside the normal service areas for traditional broadband solutions, HughesNet solutions can get you connected. Call us to find out how we can help you!

Also available is the General Dynamics Sentinel technologies, often used by Special Forces and large commercial networks for broadband communications from even the most remote locations. Sentinel dishes stow for transport and deploy rapidly, automatically acquiring network connection with the touch of a button.

Your Source for Networking Solutions

Clarkson Companies offers professional computer networking solutions for your technology problems. We are an authorized Cisco Solutions Partner and one stop network technology center, providing innovative wired and wireless solutions. We provide businesses with quality Cisco networking products, network management services, network support, and network training. Our staff are extensively trained and certified professionals. We use only the finest network tools and products to install and certify your network. Once your network is installed you will receive a complete certification report so you can relax knowing your network is stable and exceeds industry standards. Let us analyze your network needs and recommend a professional solution today!

If you do not have in-house resources and time to plan and implement a new technology, Clarkson Companies can help.

Our employees have years of networking experience and can help you:

  • Develop a network strategy
  • Design a network solution
  • Migrate existing data
  • Implement new technology
  • Integrate new and current technology solutions
  • Install, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot all network operating systems including Microsoft, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X Server.
  • Design, plan, and implement LAN and WAN solutions including VPN and Terminal Services technologies.

Wired Ethernet Solutions

Wired Ethernet solutions are still the fastest and most reliable networking solutions. While wireless has a simple setup it can often be unsecured and unreliable with some phones, microwaves, and certain building construction materials causing interference. Wired Ethernet solutions are not vulnerable to these sources and can provide from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps (approximately 100 times faster than some wireless connections). We can analyze your needs and install an extremely fast wired network for you. We can also perform network additions, moves, troubleshooting, repair defects, and certify your network.

Wireless Solutions

Clarkson Companies has partnered with Cisco and Linksys to offer you the finest in Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n technology. Wireless solutions can be over-sold as a fix-all networking solution. At Clarkson Companies we believe wireless solutions are powerful and excellent answers to some networking problems. However, we also know they should be used only when the pros and cons are explained to the client. Let us perform a wireless site survey and help you decide if wireless will work correctly for your building and environment.