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Your Source for Technology Solutions

Clarkson Companies offers professional business solutions for your technology problems. We are an authorized Kodak Business Solutions Partner and one stop business technology center. We provide businesses with quality products, services, support, and training. Our staff are extensively trained certified professionals. As a result, you receive the very best service and support. Our integrity, superior products, service, support, and training will enhance your business efficiency and improve profitability. Let us analyze your business situation and recommend a professional solution today!

Virus Removal Experts

We use the finest tools in the industry, including the best anti-virus tool, Avast! Antivirus. Offering corporate level solutions for both desktops and servers, Avast! is the most versitile tool for the job, offering centralized control, low overhead, and automated scanning and reporting.

Satellite solutions for your remote locations

Now Available: Cisco IP VSAT Module, which is an ideal solution for wide area network backup, disaster recovery and instant mobile field communications.

This means your remote offices in the industrial, oilfield, and construction industries can still connect to send vital data back to the home office without being forced to use unreliable solutions from the cell phone companies. These solutions can provide reliable VPN, VOIP, and data connections.

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Kodak Capture Pro 2.0

The application that gives you more scanning productivity, value, and ease of use

Kodak Capture Pro Software is the one application you need to make, manage, and move images and information. Get powerful, flexible batch capture and productivity on Kodak and other popular scanners in any scenario from desktop to high volume production. Realize greater value with no per click or volume charges. Start scanning right away with preconfigured setups and a single, user friendly interface. Start doing more, more easily.